Ways to support a bean like me:

A quarter of all site sales goes to different charities.I will be donating to NAMI, Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, local shelters, and more. If there are any you want me to look into, send them my way!

I'm Ellie!

So you've managed to stumble upon my site.

Here's a little about me:

I grew up loving to draw, paint, and make crazy "inventions" but, unfortunately, I had stopped for a solid year to focus on my education. Here is me attempting to make up for the time I had lost during that year and do what I love to do!


I currently make watermarks and sites for others as well as making my own content.

There are many ways to support me, I have a ko-fi, teespringmy shop, and following/subscribing to my twitch!


Q: Who made your emotes?

A: I commissioned them on fiverr! You can find the artists there!


Q: Who made your twitch follow/sub/etc animations?

A: I commissioned them on fiverr! You can find the artist here!

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